My Fix for Bug Bites

I’m always amazed at the many valuable uses each essential oil can provide. Since oils are pure and natural plant based products, they carry with them a variety of support for what ails us. For example, I may be anxious, having a hard time getting to sleep, or my skin could use some support with healing a burn. During any of those times, I would reach for Lavender.  Of course, this particular oil goes much further with its support, but I just want you to see how versatile an essential oil can be.

During one of my recipe-making days, I came across a mix for this bug bite stick. Since I’d rather not put chemicals on my skin whenever possible; not to mention, the itchiness of mosquito and spider bites drives me nuts, this absolutely intrigued me. After seeing how great it worked for me on vacation, I knew I needed to share it with you.Bug Bite stick

You see, I brought more than good times back from vacation. I got a few bug bites along the way, too. Unfortunately, I tend to swell up with certain bites, and these bites were no exception. That’s when I decided to put my Bug Bite Stick to the test.

Awesome results! One application on the itchy spots was all it took! I am writing this two days later and I still haven’t had to reapply. That’s pretty amazing, I must say.

Now, this little stick will be considered one of my first helpers when dealing with various skin issues. I might be dealing with a burn, cut, or an unexpected visit from one of those pesky bugs we all love so much. This stick will be my go-to.

This mixture does even more.  With Lavender, Geranium, and Myrrh essential oils, you can get support for other skin issues, too. You might have flaky skin, a cut or scrape, or simply in need of healthier looking skin. Plus, Geranium naturally repels insects, while Myrrh is known to be soothing to the skin. And let’s not forget Lavender; the must-have oil to keep on hand because of its variable uses. Put all three of these together, along with beeswax and carrier oils, and you have my Bug Bite Stick.

If you find your skin is in need of repair, take a look at all the products listed on the picture above, and if you need any assistance, please comment below.


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